Heritage Woodgate®

Antique Wood

Wood ages beautifully. Our Antique Wood mixes light browns with hints of grey, green and other earthy tones to create a complex color palette that’s both versatile and traditional.

Color and product availability varies by region. Consult your contractor or local TAMKO distributor for details.

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Heritage Woodgate — Antique Wood


Wider look for a more rugged wood-shake appearance.

With an authentic wood-shake look and a wider width, Heritage Woodgate® shingles bring stunning curb appeal and expansive charm to your home.

Looking for a different style?

Similar colors are available in the following shingle cuts:

Heritage Series

Oxford Grey

Heritage Series Laminated Asphalt Shingles add striking beauty and color to complement your home.

StormFighter IR

Thunderstorm Grey

Heritage Proline StormFighter IR is a laminated, fiberglass asphalt shingle featuring an additional polyester mat which reinforces the entire shingle and provides double reinforcement of the sawtooth and the common bond areas.

Heritage Vintage

Fossil Grey

The naturally deep shadows of Heritage Vintage Laminated Asphalt Shingles portray the look of real wood shakes.

Elite Glass-Seal

Antique Slate

Elite Glass-Seal shingles top off homes with versatile style, vivid color and unique flair.


Compare the wider look of Heritage Woodgate.

Spanning 10–12 inches, Heritage Woodgate shingles are cut up to three times wider than standard Heritage Series shingles to add dramatic style and grandeur.


Add color and elegance with Heritage Woodgate

Imagine how a sophisticated wood-shake look could complement your home’s style and increase curb appeal. Choose from a stunning assortment of rustic browns, deep reds and smoky greys to cap off the beauty of your home.

Heritage Woodgate - Antique Wood (Dallas) color swatch
Antique Wood
Heritage Woodgate - Black Sage (Dallas) color swatch
Black Sage
Heritage Woodgate - Cabin Wood Brown (Dallas) color swatch
Cabin Wood Brown
Heritage Woodgate - Cedar Wood (Dallas) color swatch
Cedar Wood
Heritage Woodgate - Rustic Redwood (Dallas) color swatch
Rustic Redwood
Heritage Woodgate - Weathered Wood (Dallas) color swatch
Weathered Wood