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NOTE TO EDITORS: The correct capitalization of the company name is TAMKO, due to the fact that it is an acronym. The letters stand for Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma — the company’s original trade area when founded in 1944. TAMKO’s trade area is now all 50 states.

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Economic Study Projects TAMKO Will Benefit Missouri’s Economy by $4 Billion Over Next 25 Years

Company thanks Joplin community for support and employees for efforts that led to success

As families gather to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, TAMKO Building Products, Inc. wants to send its own message of thankfulness to the Joplin community it has proudly called home for nearly 75 years.

A recent economic study predicts the Joplin-based company will continue to have a profound impact on the region’s economy with projections that TAMKO will generate approximately $4 billion in economic activity in Missouri over the next 25 years with an estimated $3.2 billion in economic benefits in the Joplin-area alone.

This has been made possible by three generations of TAMKO employees that have helped the company grow from a single location in Joplin, to one of the top roofing manufacturers in the nation.
TAMKO - Economic Impact in Missouri

“The report provides numbers to something we already know: TAMKO Building Products is a valuable contributor to the state and local economies because people value its products,” said Professor Joe Haslag, PhD, one of the report’s authors and Lay Chair in Economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The report analyzed the past and modeled the future economic impact of TAMKO on the local and state economy in Missouri.

Founded in Joplin in 1944, TAMKO has grown into one the largest employers in the region. TAMKO pays some of the most competitive salaries and benefits in the region with even its hourly production employees in Missouri earning over $65,000 per year.
TAMKO - Driving Job Growth in Missouri

“TAMKO has a strong track record of growth and has consistently outperformed its peers in a U.S. roofing industry projected to grow to nearly $20 billion by 2021,” said Haslag. “Based on our calculations, over a generation, TAMKO is responsible for adding more than $10 million in revenues to Newton and Jasper Counties and adding over $100 million to State of Missouri General Revenues. TAMKO is clearly one of the key cogs in the regional and state economies.”

The report also details that TAMKO has created approximately 200 new jobs in Joplin and the surrounding communities while injecting nearly $400 million in wages and investments since 2010. “TAMKO has grown to establish a sizable manufacturing footprint in Southwest Missouri, employing more than 800 Missourians across the state and helping anchor the region’s economy while remaining one of the fastest growing companies in the Joplin area,” said Haslag.

TAMKO’s President and CEO, David Humphreys, said, “We are grateful for everyone’s support of our company and our products. TAMKO’s employees are wonderful people who reflect our core values of honesty and integrity, and that’s led to quality products, quality relationships and mutual success.”

TAMKO’s 75th anniversary will officially be marked on September 5, 2019. The company plans to celebrate this significant milestone throughout the next year.

Full Infographic:
TAMKO's Economic Impact in MO


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