Not Just Another Impact Rated Shingle

The BEST all-weather performance shingle on the market, powered by TAMKO's proprietary ForceFX™ polymer technology.

Hex Icon - 160 MPH Wind Warranty Hex Icon - 25 Degree Install Hex Icon - Class 3 or 4 Impact Rated
*StormFighter FLEX™ 3 and 4 shingles are classified by UL for compliance with UL 2218 Class 3 or Class 4 impact resistance.

160 MPH Wind Warranty IR Shingle

Industry-leading 160 MPH wind warranty powered by TAMKO's proprietary technologies:

AnchorLock™ Layer nail zone reinforcement.

Advanced Fusion™ Sealants quickly bond to hold fast.

†160 MPH wind warranty requires TAMKO® Starter. See StormFighter FLEX’s full High Wind Application Instructions for all requirements and restrictions.

Install in Temperatures Down to 25º F

Lowest warranted install temperature for any asphalt shingle.

‡Please consult TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and Application Instructions for requirements

UL 2218 Class 3 or Class 4 Impact Rating*

Engineered to resist and recover from impact.

May qualify for discounts on property insurance premiums.

*StormFighter FLEX™ 3 and 4 shingles are classified by UL for compliance with UL 2218 Class 3 or Class 4 impact resistance.


I would put this product on my mother's house, that's how confident I am in this product.

TAMKO Certified Contractors may be eligible for certain benefits, which could include (a) the ability to offer Enhanced Limited Warranties, (b) rebates or other consideration in connection with TAMKO® products; and (c) access to offers through The TAMKO Edge® Program, including apparel, marketing materials, and access to third-party products, services and discounts.

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Our Most Popular Color Lineup

Inspired by the beauty of nature, StormFighter FLEX™ shingles feature colors from TAMKO’s most popular product lines, including our high-contrast America’s Natural Colors collection.

Color and product availability varies by region and manufacturing location. Consult your contractor or local TAMKO distributor for details.

To see colors available in your specific area, click here.

StormFighter FLEX - Black Walnut (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Black Walnut
StormFighter FLEX - Olde English Pewter (Phillipsburg) color swatchCRRC Rated Product
Olde English Pewter
StormFighter FLEX - Rustic Black (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Rustic Black
StormFighter FLEX - Rustic Cedar (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Rustic Cedar
StormFighter FLEX - Rustic Slate (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Rustic Slate
StormFighter FLEX - Thunderstorm Grey (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Thunderstorm Grey
StormFighter FLEX - Weathered Wood (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Weathered Wood