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What is the TAMKO Shingle Styles Visualizer?

TAMKO Shingle Styles is an online platform for contractors and homeowners to order accurate roof measurements, 3D models, and realistic visualizations of a property without taking photos and hand-measurements of the home or having an in-person sales visit with the contractor.

There are no apps to download, no membership or subscription fees, and no measurements to taken on-site with TAMKO Shingle Styles.

I Need Assistance with the Visualizer

Contact for assistance.

How Does it Work?

TAMKO Shingle Styles is like an online search engine for roof measurements, 3D models, and design-ready visualizations of a roof.

Simply enter the address of the property and place your order. Renoworks, the technology company that powers the Visualizer will take accurate measurement data about the property from measurement provider, EagleView®, and turn it into an interactive 3D model that you can use to display measurements, products, and colors for estimation and design purposes. Every 3D model comes with an EagleView roof report.


  1. Upload An Image - Simply upload a photo to begin.
  2. Place your order - Select and order reports for your project. Choose from realistic (2D) visualizations of the roof, measurements and 3D models, or roof squares. You can also order 2D, 3D and measurements together for the ultimate measurement and design experience.
  3. Receive Your Roofing Reports - Download your purchased reports when you receive your dedicated link in your inbox.

Is there an option to search for an address via online map services?

Unfortunately, that functionality is not currently supported by the TAMKO Visualizer.

What Does the Report Look Like?

Click here to see an example of what you will receive after placing a realistic (2D) visualization, measurement and 3D model order. Click the 2D, 3D, and Measurements icons to switch between views:

Shingle Styles navigation - 2D 3D Measurements

How Accurate are These Measurements?

TAMKO Shingle Styles measurements are ordered through Renoworks' measurement data provider, EagleView. With aerial imagery as detailed as .75 inches ground sample distance, EagleView provides very accurate roof measurements. Roofing contractors have conducted tests of EagleView measurements against manual measurements and EagleView has found that the results consistently show its total square footage to be extremely accurate.

What is Your Service Coverage Area?

EagleView states that it has a service area coverage of over 90% of populated areas in the US and several areas in Canada. They are continually working on expanding coverage. In general, image quality and coverage is greater for highly-populated areas.

What Can I Order?

Currently, you can order the following for residential properties in the US:

  • Roof measurements with an interactive 3D model of the roof
  • Realistic, interactive visualizations of the roof based on an uploaded or Google StreetView image of the property

What’s in the Reports?

When you order a a Roof Measurements report (Click here for an example) it contains:

  • Roof image(s)
  • Total roof area
  • Roof area per facet
  • Roof facets
  • Predominant pitch of roof
  • Detailed pitch of roof per facet
  • Roofing areas per pitch
  • Roof waste calculation
  • Stories
  • Roof ridges/hips
  • Roof valleys
  • Roof rakes
  • Roof eaves
  • Parapets
  • Flashing on roof
  • Roof step flashing

Who Are the Reports Best For?

TAMKO Shingle Styles is for roofing contractors and homeowners who want a remote method to order roof measurements and visualize designs and TAMKO product options in a single, streamlined process.

How Do These Reports Help?

Contractors: TAMKO Shingle Styles provides everything you need to estimate and design your roofing jobs remotely. Here are some of the ways it can help your business:

  • Save time by obtaining measurements and interactive visualizations of the roof without visiting the home
  • Win more bids by giving homeowners the confidence they need to do business with you without the in-person sales visit
  • Upsell more jobs by impressing homeowners with realistic visualizations of their roof, with different roofing products applied and interactive 3D models to see what their new roof will look like from every angle
  • Save money with our flat fee for measurements and 3D models, regardless of roof complexity or the number of roof facets
  • Make your workflow easier by reducing home visits and getting accurate roof measurements without any DIY, tracing or manual process that costs you time and effort

Homeowners: TAMKO Shingle Styles has you covered for all your project planning needs.

  • Save time by obtaining measurements and interactive visualizations of the roof without pulling out the tape measure or taking photos of the home
  • Provide your contractor with all the measurements they need to get the job done, and save your measurements and 3D model for future roofing projects
  • See exactly what your home will look like with TAMKO products and be confident when it’s time to make a decision

How long does it take to receive my order?

Roof measurements with 3D
1 business day turnaround time

Realistic (2D) Visualization
1 to 3 business day turnaround time