Heritage Proline
Titan XT™

Black Walnut

Artisans across the world prize black walnut for its rich, character and layers of complex dark undertones. Black Walnut brings that depth of color to your roof with a sophisticated mix of darks, browns and hints of cinnamon and other red hues.

Color and product availability varies by region. Consult your contractor or local TAMKO distributor for details.

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Heritage Proline Titan XT —Black Walnut


Add color and dimension to your home with Titan XT, our most advanced shingles ever.

Heritage Proline Titan XT™ features some of the most advanced innovative technology in the industry. With powerful engineering, Titan XT shingles are designed to offer an advantage for both homeowners and contractors, combining in-demand product features into one Extreme Technology shingle designed to help weather extreme conditions.

Looking for a different style?

Similar colors are available in the following shingle cuts:

StormFighter IR

Rustic Black

Heritage Proline StormFighter IR is a laminated, fiberglass asphalt shingle featuring an additional polyester mat which reinforces the entire shingle and provides double reinforcement of the sawtooth and the common bond areas.

Heritage Woodgate

Black Sage

Heritage Woodgate shingles are designed with a wider look that creates rugged yet refined wood-shake beauty.

Heritage Vintage


The naturally deep shadows of Heritage Vintage Laminated Asphalt Shingles portray the look of real wood shakes.

Elite Glass-Seal

Rustic Black

Elite Glass-Seal shingles top off homes with versatile style, vivid color and unique flair.


Vivid Colors

Featuring TAMKO’s proprietary granule mix and unique color drops, Heritage Proline Titan XT™ shingles deliver vivid color and texture to enhance your roof. Its natural shadows create dimension, contrast and depth, while adding curb appeal for a look you’ll want to call your own.

Heritage Proline Titan XT - Aged Wood (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Aged Wood
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Black Walnut (Frederick) color swatch
Black Walnut
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Natural Timber (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Natural Timber
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Black (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Rustic Black
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Slate (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Rustic Slate
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Thunderstorm Grey (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Thunderstorm Grey
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Weathered Wood (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Weathered Wood