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JobNimbus Webinar: The Digital Opportunity for Roofing Contractors and How CRMs Can Help

Job Nimbus

Due to the current global realities, face-to-face contact with customers has greatly declined, making the need for digital customer engagement and project management more important than ever. A popular tool to accomplish this is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), which is a technology platform, software, or app that keeps track of past and potential customer data and can include options for email marketing, tracking job progress, e-signatures on forms and even online ordering.

JobNimbus is a popular CRM built specifically for contractors to manage their leads, customer communication, and project status visibility. TAMKO has a strategic relationship with JobNimbus that provides TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors with special discounts on JobNimbus subscriptions.

JobNimbus recently hosted a webinar for TAMKO contractors outlining how contractors can move their business operations to a digital format during this time and how CRMs can help. Learn the basics of customer relationship management and the opportunity for roofing contractors to expand their digital efforts in this educational training webinar.

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