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Successfully Advertise on Your Jobsite with the Top Roofing Manufacturers in America

Synthetic Guard Underlayment - Your Logo Here
Synthetic Guard Plus underlayment is available with a custom logo imprint

Interested in advertising your roofing contractor business while you work? TAMKO Building Products LLC can help.

A common pain point for roofing contractors is finding the time and resources to market their businesses when days are filled with installing shingles, running crews and tackling the mound of tasks associated with running your own business.

Co-branded underlayments from TAMKO can turn every roof deck into a billboard, marketing your roofing business and generating new jobs while you finish the current one. And branded underlayments are only one of the advertising options TAMKO offers contractors.

TAMKO, is one of America’s leading roofing manufacturers of residential roofing shingles. For over 75 years, TAMKO has proudly manufactured quality asphalt shingles for builders, suppliers, architects, and contractors across the United States. Along with delivering excellent roofing products and services, we are proud to provide roofing professionals with the opportunity to grow their business.

TAMKO’s website features a variety of helpful resources for roofing contractors and installers, including shingle application instructions, technical product information, and even a locator for TAMKO shingles service pinpointing where our products are available. TAMKO also offers roofing contractors the exclusive opportunity to become a TAMKO® Pro Certified Contractor — a program designed to help professional roofers build their businesses.

Generating Leads by Choosing Top Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers

Ensure the entire neighborhood knows that roofing job is YOUR roofing job with TAMKO’s Synthetic Guard custom logo printing program. You can have your business’s custom logo printed directly on to the Synthetic Guard underlayment. Now, your underlayment can help advertise your company, showcase your brand and generate more business.

Even more marketing resources are available to contractors who complete the requirements to become a TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor. After you apply to become a TAMKO®Pro certified contractor and are accepted, you’ll receive access to a variety of perks, rewards, and innovative tools to help build and market your business. When you’re a TAMKO® Pro contractor, you can take advantage of a variety of helpful marketing services and attract valuable leads on our asphalt shingle manufacturer’s website ( Here are a few ways your business can grow as a TAMKO certified Pro:

Building a Roofing Brand

Strategic visibility is crucial for developing a roofing brand and ensuring that the public remembers your services. Gain more credibility and recognition by building a visual brand that sets you apart from your competition, including:

  • Dress the Part: We provide custom apparel (company shirts, hats) that your team can wear on all your jobs.
  • Roadside Signage: We provide your brand with visual marketing tools like yard signs that you can strategically place on the jobsite.
  • Professional Marketing Materials: You can build a consistent brand name and market your roofing services through a variety of marketing materials (business cards, presentation folders, brochures, flyers).

Going Digital

By bringing your roofing business online, you can engage with potential customers through a variety of digital mediums. For example, TAMKO® Pro members can attract qualified leads through these innovative strategies:

  • Contractor Locator Tool: We exclusively feature TAMKO® Pro contractors and connect them with potential customers through With a Google map display of your business on our website, local homeowners will reach out to you directly.
  • Contractor-specific CRM Tools: As a TAMKO® Pro, contractors can get special pricing for the JobNimbus Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool that’s built specifically for contractors and can help manage scheduling, invoicing, communication and requesting reviews from homeowners.
  • Digital Marketing: We’ve partnered with digital marketing experts who can help grow your business at a discounted rate. This includes building websites, creating social media pages, or developing an SEO campaign that drives traffic to your business.

The Best Sales Tool of TAMKO® Pro

Becoming a TAMKO® Pro Certified Contractor provides you with innovative tools, attractive marketing materials and discounts on a variety of products and services. But, the program’s greatest tool in a TAMKO Pro’s hand is the exclusive ability to offer the Mastercraft Limited Warranty Enhancement that provides longer Full Start coverage on eligible shingles, when both the material and labor costs are fully covered by the manufacturer in the instance of a manufacturing defect that requires a replacement.

If you’re interested in expanding your roofing business and enjoying a competitive edge over other roofing companies in your area, apply today for the exclusive TAMKO Pro program to receive access to amazing benefits.

TAMKO Building Products LLC is one of the leading roofing manufacturers of residential roofing shingles. To learn more about our products and services, please submit our contact request form.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional counsel. The products or services of third parties referenced above are not the products or services of TAMKO, nor is TAMKO a party to any relationship and/or agreement between these companies, the TAMKO® Pro Contractor or homeowner.

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