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GreenSky Webinar: Using Homeowner Financing To Close More Deals


A major challenge roofing contractors face during this time is homeowner hesitancy to commit to large improvement projects due to a drop in economic confidence. Contractors can help provide solutions to homeowners facing uncertainty by offering financing that gives property owners the option to pay off their project in monthly payments, rather than in total at the time of completion.

To help roofing contractors continue to close deals, even in this time of uncertainty, consumer financing company GreenSky has come up with special promotional terms that contractors can offer for homeowners.

GreenSky recently hosted an educational webinar recently for TAMKO contractors on the role homeowner financing can play in their businesses, and showed how to use homeowner financing to close more deals, along with more in-depth information on these new, limited-time homeowner financing options.

TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors can receive additional benefits with GreenSky through TAMKO’s strategic relationship with the financing company.

Learn more about how offering homeowner financing could benefit your roofing business and get all the details on the limited-time GreenSky promotions in this educational training webinar.

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