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Essential Craftsman Episode 79: The Incredible Asphalt Shingle

Essential Craftsman - Roof Technology

Learn more about “The Incredible Asphalt Shingle” in a new video from popular YouTube influencer Essential Craftsman.

While tile, stone slate and wood shake have all been popular roofing materials in the past, without a doubt, asphalt shingles are currently the most common residential roofing material in the U.S. The father-and-son team behind the Essential Craftsman videos, Scott and Nate Wadsworth, have a lot to say about “The Incredible Asphalt Shingle,” and specifically TAMKO Heritage® Premium shingles after TAMKO provided the roofing for the Essential Craftsman Oregon spec house. During the roofing portion of the project, the Essential Craftsman spec project had more than 10 tons of TAMKO Heritage® Premium laminated asphalt shingles installed on it.

Essential Craftsman started as a personal project for Scott Wadsworth, who was passionate about passing on craftsmanship and master trade knowledge to others. He calls it the “Journey Into Craftsmanship” and includes the following on his website:

    For millennia, the trades have been learned, mastered, and occasionally passed on. We intend to improve the 'passed on' element. This has the potential to improve the world we share. Like music or art, craftsmanship has the ability to reach across borders, cultures, beliefs and barriers. Anyone can learn a craft, and doing so has never been easier or more important.

You can watch all of Essential Craftsman’s videos on their YouTube channel:

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