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3 Ways TAMKO Helps Contractors Install Faster & Easier

Heritage Proline Titan XT - Installation

Every minute spent doing one task is a minute lost doing another. In a skilled labor industry like roofing, saving time in even the smallest ways has the potential to add up to big money over time. Through innovation, engineering and preferred installation methods, TAMKO has the products and techniques to help roofing contractors save time (and money) on the jobsite.

Here are three ways TAMKO helps contractors install faster and easier:

Rapid Fire Zone™

Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rapid Fire Zone

The importance of proper nail placement during shingle installation cannot be overstated. But with TAMKO’s newest technology featuring its largest defined nailing zone on a TAMKO shingle, roofing contractors can nail shingles faster with less exacting requirements and still be comforted withf long-term weathering peace of mind.

The Rapid Fire Zone ditches the traditional nail line, instead offering an expanded nailing area that allows contractors to quickly move across the shingle during installation. Roofers can have confidence that TAMKO’s unique poly-fabric AnchorLock™ layer technology reinforces the shingle’s common bond area, enabling the expanded nailing zone, and providing an anchor for the nails to embed in, helping to lock them tightly to the deck.

TAMKO’s Rapid Fire Zone technology is being debuted in the new Heritage Proline series with Titan XT™ and StormFighter IR™, available in select markets through distribution channels starting March 2021.

WindGUARD™ Warranty*

Heritage Proline Titan XT - WindGUARD Warranty

TAMKO’s industry-first new WindGUARD high wind warranty can save contractors both time and money. When using TAMKO starter to install Titan XT or StormFighter IR, contractors are only required to use 4 nails, instead of 6, and still qualify for high wind coverage up to 160 mph.

With two less nails to install per shingle, roofing contractors can cut their nailing installation time by a third.  All those extra nails add up – TAMKO estimates that roofing contractors could save approximately 3,800 nails per average-sized roof (30 SSQ) with the WindGUARD warranty’s 4-nail requirement.

And contractors may experience even greater time savings from the fact those 4 nails can be placed anywhere within the widely expanded Rapid Fire Zone nailing zone, rather than strictly on a nail line.

2 Cuts 5 Courses No Waste

Traditionally, TAMKO has also invested in helping roofing contractors reduce waste and save significant time and money by promoting TAMKO’s “2 Cuts 5 Courses No Waste” standard installation method.

With only two cuts, roofing contractors will be prepped to install five courses of roofing, re-using pieces of cut shingle, weaving them into the starting courses and leaving no waste.

2 Cuts 5 Courses

*Please consult TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and Application Instructions for any requirements or limitations.

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