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New TAMKO Technologies: 3 Shingle Enhancements Designed for the Professional Roofer

Heritage Proline Asphalt Shingles - Nailgun

Contractors spoke and TAMKO listened. Over the last few years, TAMKO has sought out feedback about the challenges contractors face and innovated new features and technologies to solve those challenges. By listening to the voice of the customer, highly sought-after technologies inspired TAMKO’s newest series of shingles, the Heritage Proline™ series, launched with TAMKO’s most advanced asphalt shingles in company history: Titan XT and StormFighter IR.

Check out three of TAMKO’s newest technologies that offer shingle enhancements that roofing contractors have been asking for:

Rapid Fire Zone™

Proper nail placement in every shingle is essential in the entire roof system functioning as it should. TAMKO’s new Rapid Fire Zone is TAMKO’s largest defined nailing area, designed to save the contractor time, enabling quicker movement across the shingle. With the ability to fire the roofing nails anywhere within the clearly defined expanded nailing zone, contractors can save significant time and still have confidence the shingle will perform the way it was designed to.
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rapid Fire Zone

AnchorLock™ Layer

TAMKO’s AnchorLock™ layer, is one of the most significant and noticeable new features highlighted in the new Heritage Proline series. A unique poly-fabric reinforcement, the AnchorLock layer provides an anchor for the nails to embed in, locking them tightly to the deck.

TAMKO’s Heritage Proline shingles – Titan XT and StormFighter IR – feature the AnchorLock Layer in two distinct applications.

    Titan XT - Polystrip Reinforced Nail Zone

    Titan XT

    The AnchorLock layer is applied to Titan XT as a strip affixed to the back of the shingle, through the common bond. This AnchorLock layer strip plays an essential role in reinforcing the entire expanded Rapid Fire Zone nailing zone.


    StormFighter IR - Polymat

    StormFighter IR

    In TAMKO’s StormFighter IR shingle, the AnchorLock layer is applied across the entire backside of the shingle. The reinforced layer helped provide Stormfighter IR shingles with the enhanced qualities that helped it qualify for a UL Class 4 Impact Rating.

The AnchorLock layer is featured in both Titan XT and StormFighter IR through the common bond of the shingle, where it is most vulnerable. When installing shingles with the AnchorLock layer, you will feel the difference this reinforcement provides in securing shingles to a roof deck.

Advanced Fusion™ Sealants

Installing shingles during cooler months comes with the possibility that the shingles won’t seal or won’t seal fast enough. TAMKO has an innovation for that. Even in cooler weather, TAMKO’s new Advanced Fusion™ family of enhanced sealants are designed to seal your shingles quickly to the roof deck, and each other, to help hold fast. During installation, you will immediately feel the difference in this aggressive sealant that is designed to be sticky, even in those cooler months, providing added support that could help you extend your roofing season.

TAMKO’s Advanced Fusion Sealants have been applied to all TAMKO Heritage Proline shingles and several of TAMKO’s Heritage series products as well.

AnchorLock Layer + Advanced Fusion Sealant = WindGUARD Warranty

TAMKO’s AnchorLock™ layer and Advanced Fusion™ sealant technologies help give Heritage Proline shingles the features and performance that inspired the industry-first WindGUARD™ Warranty, with coverage up to 160 mph with only 4 nails installed in the expanded nailing zone, when using TAMKO® Starter (be sure to consult TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and Application Instructions for any requirements or limitations).

Experience these product enhancements for yourself with TAMKO’s new Heritage Proline shingles.

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Heritage Proline Titan XT - WindGUARD Warranty

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