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RoofSnap: A Roof Measurement Tool with 4 Surprising Bonus Features


Roofers have heard it all when it comes to digital roof measurement tools: Save time, save money and spare the roofer an unnecessary trip to the roof.

But RoofSnap was designed by a roofer for other roofers and has additional features even roofing contractors may be surprised to learn about. And thanks to a recently announced relationship with RoofSnap, TAMKO contractors can get discounts on this powerful tool just for being a member of the new contractor program The TAMKO Edge™.

So, here are four features that make RoofSnap more than just an accurate roof measurement tool.


1) Sketch Ordering Service (SketchOS)

The RoofSnap platform features an easy, remote do-it-yourself measurement tool. But, for roofing contractors looking to skip that manual step, RoofSnap also offers a Sketch Ordering Service, or SketchOS.

With SketchOS, you can place a roof measurement order and within hours, a custom-built roof measurement diagram will be uploaded directly into your RoofSnap account. The sketch includes a dynamic, fully editable drawing that you can customize with inspection photos and notes.


2) Project Estimating Reports

Once the roof measurement diagram is ready, RoofSnap generates professional reports including labor estimates and a material order list, which even includes a suggested waste factor to help produce as accurate of an estimate as possible.

As an additional option, you can also provide good, better, best style estimates to give the homeowner various scenarios to choose from. RoofSnap can provide up to five estimates for side-by-side comparison estimates.

And with RoofSnap estimates, roofing contractors can easily control what details appear to the customers, like item descriptions, warranty coverages, product life expectancy, and detailed service descriptions.


3) Dynamic Contracts

After the homeowner has been presented with the project estimate, you can immediately generate a ready-to-sign contract, complete with any customized business contract language you may need to finalize the project with the homeowner.

And thanks to the cloud-based functionality of the platform, you can easily access the contract on any electronic device and allow the homeowner to complete with a digital signature. The electronic contract is converted to a PDF format that can be printed or emailed to your customer.


4) Business Customization

RoofSnap makes branding your documents easy. You can upload your business logo directly in the platform to have it appear on all documents generated within the software. Professional and individually-branded customer-facing reports can make all the difference when it comes to document consistency and business reputation.


Get RoofSnap Discounts

With accurate and remote roof measurements, streamlined processes, business professional reports and access to the platform across any device, RoofSnap can provide significant benefits to any roofing contractor.

TAMKO is excited to make RoofSnap a reality with discounts for ALL TAMKO contractors in The TAMKO Edge™ program.

Join Team TAMKO today for free and get immediate access to the RoofSnap discounts. Register for a free account today here.

The products or services offered by RoofSnap are not the products or services of TAMKO, nor is TAMKO a party to any relationship and/or agreement between RoofSnap, a TAMKO contractor or a homeowner.

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