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What is a CRM and Why Should Roofing Contractors Use One?

JobNimbus TAMKO

A successful roof install involves so much more than just the materials and labor. With homeowner communications, calculating material and labor estimates, collecting signatures, sending invoices and more, there are an increasing number of digital elements to ensuring each roofing project is moving toward total completion, customers are happy, and the business bottom line benefits.   

As your roofing business grows and jobs begin to pile on top of one another, the challenge of tracking all these fine details also grows. If you’re fortunate enough to find quality, hardworking installers to add to your crew, you can complete more roof jobs. But when it comes to managing the business side of each project, and the paperwork that comes with it, the challenge remains. That’s where a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM, adds value to your roofing business.

So, what is a CRM system?

In short, a CRM system is a digital platform that empowers businesses to better manage and organize projects and customer relationships to increase efficiency and profitability.

JobNimbus is one of the most popular roofing industry CRMs and the tool has been helping roofing contractors work smarter and grow their sales. Since joining forces with TAMKO Building Products to offer new discounts in The TAMKO Edge™ contractor loyalty program, participating roofing contractors have more advantages than ever to grow their businesses with a host of digital tools aimed at improving customer relationships and better managing projects.

What are the benefits?

JobNimbus offers industry-specific features geared toward helping roofers better manage their customer relationships and roofing projects. Through the JobNimbus platform, roofing contractors can set appointments, save contact information, get reminders and organize their work and teams more efficiently. For example, JobNimbus has the capability to capture photos, store documents, collect customer signatures and log important notes on-site, while also continuing real-time communication with other team members and customers as well.

The platform also features automation that can help cut unnecessary repetition to increase productivity and ensure that no detail slips through the cracks.

Once a roofing project has been well tracked in JobNimbus and the roof installation has been completed, roofers can also use the platform to send invoices to customers, collect payment and create reports for advanced business decision-making.

The right CRM can make a huge difference in helping you grow relationships with your customers and improve roofing sales. Overall, JobNimbus estimates its tools and services have helped its users see 43% average annual revenue growth, save 8 hours a week per person, and collect 25% more payments.

Roofing contractors can sign up for The TAMKO Edge program for free to see JobNimbus discounts and details, and TAMKO Certified Contractors are eligible for even more discounted services and perks.  

The products or services offered by JobNimbus are not the products or services of TAMKO, nor is TAMKO a party to any relationship and/or agreement between JobNimbus, a TAMKO contractor or a homeowner.

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