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Financing is More than Just a Way to Pay

GreenSky - Financing is More than Just a Way to Pay

As a TAMKO contractor, you know that shingles do a lot more than just keep out the weather. Helping each homeowner choose the best shingles and roofing accessories for their project is the first, and perhaps most important service you can offer. Your customers should not have to settle for “good enough” when the right solution can add to the beauty of their home while offering maximum protection, longevity, and peace of mind.

Once you’ve helped the property owner select the right products for the roof, the next step is to make the project affordable. The perfect solution is useless if your customer can’t afford it. That’s where financing options come in. Offering financing to every potential customer can be a key factor in growing your business and creating satisfied customers.

That’s why TAMKO teamed up with GreenSky. With its mobile application, merchant portal, and fast, paperless application process, the GreenSky® Program helps make it easy to include affordable payment options in your standard sales process.

Some key suggestions to keep in mind:

Never Assume. In relation to your sales process, it is important that you do not assume that your customer does not need or want financing. Even customers who have cash may wish to use payment options to keep their cash for other purposes or increase the scope of their project to better meet their needs.

Provide Payment Options. Make financing options part of your overall service. Include it in your marketing materials and on your website. Mention financing early and throughout the project process. For example, the call to confirm an appointment is a great first opportunity to discuss potential financing options, if there is any interest.

Address Financing as Part of Every Sale. Use a “Good, Better, Best” sales presentation that includes payment options. The GreenSky® Mobile App makes it easier by enabling you to present various price points and financing options.

Sell the Payment Option, Not the Price. A roof is an important, long-term investment, not an impulse buy. Affordable payment options help each customer make the best choice to maximize the look, level of protection, and value of their home.

The Resource Center on the GreenSky® website offers tips and suggestions on how to use financing as a tool to increase sales and create delighted customers. Here are a few links to get you started.

TAMKO Certified Contractors in The TAMKO Edge® program can access special offers and rate options from GreenSky. If you’re not already offering financing through the GreenSky® Program, log into your account on The TAMKO Edge portal or create a free account today to get more information.

The products or services offered by GreenSky are not the products or services of TAMKO, nor is TAMKO a party to any relationship and/or agreement between GreenSky and a TAMKO Certified Contractor or homeowner.

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