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Watch the New Episode of Essential Craftsman’s Spec House Education Video Series Featuring TAMKO Shingles

Essential Craftsman Episode 77

Want a craftsman’s perspective on roofing with TAMKO Heritage shingles? Check out the new video by popular YouTube influencer channel, Essential Craftsman, where Scott Wadsworth and his son Nate, create informational videos about blacksmithing, construction and other trades, with a goal of showcasing the knowledge that is gained through experience, and to encourage respect for craftsmen, their tools, and history.

In the most recent episode, “Installing Asphalt Shingles Ep. 77,” just released May 30, Essential Craftsman focuses on the roofing of their spec house project. TAMKO provided Heritage Premium shingles and Designer Hip & Ridge for the project at no cost to Essential Craftsman. The spec house is being built as a teaching tool to demonstrate construction techniques through step-by-step YouTube videos.

This newest video is one of three Essential Craftsman episodes that will feature TAMKO shingles. The other videos will be released over the next several weeks.

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