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Crafted Workshop: Not So Tiny House Shingle Installation

Crafted Workshop - Roof

TAMKO was recently featured by popular YouTube influencer Crafted Workshop in a “how-to” video documenting the entire process of building a 630-square-foot tiny house from start to finish.

In part 10 of the series, “Not So Tiny House Build,” Crafted Workshop creator Johnny Brooke demonstrates the steps to installing TAMKO® architectural asphalt shingles on the roof.

TAMKO provided Crafted Workshop with its Rustic Black Heritage® shingles and additional accessory roofing products.

In the video, Brooke said: “TAMKO was awesome enough to provide the shingles, starter strips, ridge vent, and ridge shingles for this project, so big thanks to them for their support.”

The video has received more than 83,000 views on YouTube and more than 748,000 views on the Crafted Workshop Facebook post.

Learn more about Crafted Workshop here:

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