Joplin, MO NBC affiliate — TAMKO Building Products celebrates 75 years of business

TAMKO 75th Anniversary bash - David Humphreys and Rick the Roofer
Pictured: TAMKO Chairman and CEO David C. Humphreys with Rick "the Roofer" Taylor

TAMKO celebrated its 75th year in business throughout 2019, but held a special event at its Downtown Operations location in Joplin, Missouri in September to celebrate the date the company was named T-A-M-K-O for the first letters of the states suspected to be its first sales territory (Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma).

Several local news stations covered the event that featured Chairman and CEO David Humphreys as the speaker and special guest Rick ‘the Roofer’ Taylor, longtime industry expert working as TAMKO’s Field Sales Training Manager and traveling the U.S. on The TAMKO Roadshow.

Watch the TV news story here:

Read TAMKO’s press release about its 75th anniversary:

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