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TAMKO's Allmine Facility Recognized for Outstanding Safety

TAMKO Subsidiary Allmine Paving Received OmniTRAX Safe Shipper Award 2020
Joe Burkhardt receiving the award for Allmine

At TAMKO, the commitment to safety goes far beyond the manufacturing floor.

TAMKO subsidiary Allmine Paving LLC was recently recognized for its outstanding 2020 safety record in shipping and logistics by OmniTRAX, a comprehensive logistics solutions provider. Allmine Paving received the Safe Shipper Award, which is presented to companies that shipped or received qualifying loaded cars with no accidental releases in 2020.

OmniTRAX’s Safe Shipper Award promotes responsible care and continuous improvement in the areas of environment, health and safety among railroad operators. Safe Shipper Awards were presented to 35 companies with spotless safety records in 2020.

“On behalf of our entire team, I’m honored to congratulate each of the 2020 OmniTRAX Safe Shipper Award recipients,” said OmniTRAX Chief Commercial Officer Peter Touesnard. “They are true leaders in their industries, using best practices and the latest technologies to ensure a safe and high-performing supply chain. We are privileged to provide our commercial partners secure, efficient and sustainable transportation solutions. By serving our customers, we safely connect our communities and create reliable, safe and environmentally friendly supply chains that keep America moving.”

Read the OmniTRAX press release here:

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