Titan XT - Voted 2024 Product of the Year


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Our Fastest
Installation Ever

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Our High Performing Weathering Layer

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Our Highest Wind Protection Ever

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Our Strongest Seal Ever

Lifetime Limited Warranty - 10 Year Full Start (alt reverse)

Our Most Beautiful Look Ever

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Our Most Popular Color Lineup

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Class 3 Impact Rated


Winner: Home Protection Category Survey of 40,000 consumers by Kantar.

Product of the Year is the only consumer product award that rewards innovation and is voted on by real consumers. Established 36 years ago in France, POY currently operates in 42 countries with the same purpose: Guide consumers to the best products in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation. Visit TITAN XT PRODUCT OF THE YEAR to learn more.


What Are People Saying About Titan XT?

“That right there is the best shingle I’ve ever grabbed ahold of and tried to rip apart.”
Nathan C.
TAMKO Certified Contractor Installer
“I think it’s by far the best shingle.”
John C.
TAMKO Certified Contractor
[What would you guys rate this product?] “Ten, I mean, it would have to be a ten, because this is what we want.”
Jamie B.
TAMKO Certified Contractor
“It is definitely a lot easier to install, 100%, no doubt about it.”
Jason M.
TAMKO Certified Contractor
“I think this is going to be a huge improvement, especially on steeper jobs."
John C.
TAMKO Certified Contractor


Titan XT® features some of the most advanced innovative technology in the industry. With powerful engineering, Titan XT shingles are designed to offer an advantage for both homeowners and contractors, combining in-demand product features into one Extreme Technology shingle designed to help weather extreme conditions.
Titan XT - Shingle Construction Illustration
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AnchorLock™ Layer

Titan XT AnchorLock Layer
A proprietary reinforcement that gives TAMKO Proline shingles their enhanced wind performance. This unique poly-fabric reinforces the shingle for an added layer of protection and provides an anchor for the nails to embed in, locking them tightly to the deck.
The AnchorLock™ layer technology featured in the new Titan XT® shingles is in the form of a reinforcing strip of polyester fabric on the back of the shingle, attached in the common bond area to provide added anchoring for the expanded nail zone.
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Rapid Fire Zone®

Titan XT® features our largest defined nailing zone EVER. Designed for professional installers.
Contractors can install quickly and with ease due to a nailing zone up to five times larger than our standard Heritage® nailing area*, possible through our AnchorLock™ layer reinforcement of the common bond area.
*Compared with TAMKO’s Heritage® shingles manufactured in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri and Texas.
TAMKO Heritage Proline Rapid Fire Nailzone
Heritage Proline Rapid Fire Zone Callout
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Our Highest Wind 
Protection Ever

The WindGUARD™ Warranty — up to 160 MPH with only 4 nails in the expanded nailing zone.
Introducing an industry first — a high wind warranty with coverage up to 160 MPH, with only four nails installed in the expanded nailing zone, when using TAMKO® Starter.† Inspired by the combined performance of our AnchorLock™ layer and Advanced Fusion™ sealants to help the shingle hold fast.
†Please consult TAMKO’s Limited Warranty and Application Instructions for any requirements or limitations.

Our Most Popular Color Lineup

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Titan XT® shingles feature colors from TAMKO’s most popular product lines, including our high-contrast America’s Natural Colors collection.

Color and product availability varies by region and manufacturing location. Consult your contractor or local TAMKO distributor for details.

To see colors available in your specific area, click here.

TItan XT - Antique Slate Joplin color swatch
Antique Slate
Titan XT - Autumn Brown Phillipsburg color swatch
Autumn Brown
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Black Walnut (Frederick) color swatch
Black Walnut
Titan XT - Desert Sand Phillipsburg color swatch
Desert Sand
Titan XT - Harvest Gold Phillipsburg color swatch
Harvest Gold
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Mountain Slate (Phillipsburg) Color Swatch
Mountain Slate
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Natural Timber (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Natural Timber
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Olde English Pewter (Phillipsburg) Color Swatch
Olde English Pewter
Titan XT - Oxford Grey Phillipsburg color swatch
Oxford Grey
Titan XT - Painted Desert Phillipsburg color swatch
Painted Desert
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Black (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Rustic Black
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Brown (Phillipsburg) Color Swatch
Rustic Brown
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Cedar (Frederick) color swatch
Rustic Cedar
Heritage Series - Rustic Evergreen (Joplin) color swatch
Rustic Evergreen
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Hickory (Phillipsburg) Color Swatch
Rustic Hickory
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Redwood (Frederick) color swatch
Rustic Redwood
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Rustic Slate (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Rustic Slate
Titan XT - Shadow Grey (Frederick) color swatch
Shadow Grey
Titan XT - Slatetone Grey (Frederick) color swatch
Slatetone Grey
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Thunderstorm Grey (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Thunderstorm Grey
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Virginia Slate (Frederick) color swatch
Virginia Slate
Heritage Proline Titan XT - Weathered Wood (Phillipsburg) color swatch
Weathered Wood